Copies & Miscellaneous Forms

Copies of Documents:

Any document recorded in our office is public record and available for copying.

Free copies are available on our PUBLIC RECORDS WEB SITE for any document from 1/1/2000 thru today. Index data is available from March 8th 1972 on some document types. More document images will be made available as we continue to Back-Scan our older books.  Click here to search

Our Records Room has coin operated copy machines. Copies on these machines cost $.07 per page for copies of any books, (before 1/1/2000). Copies for any documents on our In-House system cost $.05 per page, (after 12/31/1999).

Requests for Copies of Documents by mail:

Requests for copies of documents should be submitted in writing. This request should state the BOOK & PAGE (documents recorded prior to 3/1/2000) or INSTRUMENT NUMBER (documents recorded after 3/1/2000) and be accompanied with a check for the appropriate fee. Copies cost $2.00 per page, if a CERTIFIED COPY is necessary it will cost $2.00 per page and $5.00 for the certification.  Clerk’s employees are not title searchers and are not permitted to perform searches.

The County Clerk’s Office does not dispense legal advice or forms.  Follow the link below for Miscellaneous real estate forms.


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