2019 General Election – Sample Ballots

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General Election Timeline

Primary Election Timeline

County Offices – State Committee

County Committee

Municipal Offices

Independent Candidates

School Board Petition

School Board (Joint)

Pursuant to NJSA 19:23-8 (minimum require signatures to political party petitions) 

Federal, State and County Signatures

2020-2021 Municipal Signatures

2020 County Committee Signatures

Pursuant to NJSA 19:13-5 (minimum required signatures for independent petitions)

2018-2019 Independent Signatures

Election Results

Machine Counts (unofficial totals)

Official Results Primary Elections
Official Results General Elections
Official Results Special Elections
Forms Online:
  1. Vote by Mail Application
  2. Vote by Mail Application – Spanish
  3. Voter Registration Application:  English    Spanish
  4. Mail in Ballot – Opt Out Form